Teresa Giudice is in ‘Serious Denial About Life’ (Video)

Teresa Giudice
(Credit: Michael N. Todaro/WireImage.com; Dave Kotinsky/Getty)
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(Credit: Michael N. Todaro/WireImage.com; Dave Kotinsky/Getty)

Looks like this Summer at the Jersey shore will not be drama-free for ‘Housewife’ Teresa Giudice.

Even though the crew agreed to put the drama behind them they can’t seem to keep the peace. On last night’s season premiere of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Giudice got herself into trouble, again.

While she was on a stroll along the broad walk of the Jersey shore, Giudice buts heads with her brother Joe Gorga. She had previously trashed her sister-in-law, saying that if her brother’s wife found a “richer man” she would leave him.

“You’re supposed to encourage my marriage, not break it down,” Gorga explained to his sister. Gorga became emotional as he confronted his sis on the beach, not to mention their children and Giudice’s husband Joe were nearby as the siblings discussed their issues.

The conversation went from emotional to ugly when Giudice went on the defensive. Instead of just saying that she was sorry, or even more shocking, admitting she was wrong, Giudice tries to make her brother look like a fool. She brings up that Gorga did not check in on her and her four children when her husband went to jail right before they went on vacation.

Even though Gorga claims he has a good reason to be cautious, like the fact that he lent his sister and brother-in-law $25,000 and they barely thanked him, Giudice gets even more defensive.

“Teresa is in serious denial about life. Life is not perfect. We all have issues,” Gorga says in a voiceover on the show. “If you don’t have issues, you’re not human, so be real and I’ll be real with you.”

Her brother isn’t the only person Giudice has issues with in the episode. She also fought with Caroline Manzo after Teresa claimed that Manzo was “as Italian as the Olive Garden.”

Apparently that’s not offensive, “I think you misread it because if you really read it good you’d realize I didn’t insult you,” Giudice claimed.

We’re starting to think Teresa Giudice needs drama to breath since she’s always inundated with it, what do you think?

Check out the trailer for the season four premiere of the show, seems juicy.