Lindsay Lohan Confirmed to Play Elizabeth Taylor (Video)

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Tony Barson/WireImage; MGM

A producer who is working on “Liz and Dick,” a movie about Elizabeth’s volatile relationship with Richard Burton, has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan will be playing the role of Dame Taylor in a Lifetime television movie.

Producer, Larry Thompson, explained to E! News that Lohan is “perfect” for the role. He also made sure to add the network had no doubts about hiring her, even though she’s been having recent legal and substance-abuse issues.

“We have wanted Lindsay from Day 1,” Thompson said in an announcement, which confirmed what Lohan had already said herself during an interview with the “Today” show that aired in late February.

“She had a lot in her life that was going on. We needed to give her time to take care of her business, and while we negotiated the deal for her we prayed for her — and wonderfully she has behaved. She’s cleared herself and we’re ready to start this movie,” the producer said.

“We truly feel that Lindsay Lohan is perfect for Elizabeth Taylor for our movie … I think Lindsay — who is very gifted — deserved another chance,” he said. “We never, of three pages of ‘what ifs’ in the negotiation, there never was ‘What if she can’t act?’ We know she can act.”

Lindsay is looking forward to playing the role of Elizabeth Taylor. She explains in a statement reported by the Los Angeles Times, “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.”

Production of the television movie is set to start on June 4.

Lohan is best known for her roles in “Mean Girls,” “Freaky Friday,” and “Parent Trap.”

Elizabeth Taylor died last year at the age of 79. She had won two Academy Awards and was married eight times, twice to Richard Burton. Her film credits include “National Velvet,” “Father of the Bride,” “A Place in the Sun,” “Giant,” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Suddenly, Last Summer,” “Butterfield 8,” “Cleopatra” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is a good choice for Elizabeth Taylor?

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