President Obama on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ (Video)

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Jimmy Falon and President Obama

Jimmy Fallon may have hosted the best guest of his career this past week.

President Barack Obama made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night. The taping took place at University of North Carolina, where Obama took part in a slow jam followed by a sit down with Fallon.

Fallon teased the audience before revealing who the special guest was and noted it wasn’t just performers, The Roots.

Just as one member of The Roots suggested they introduce the guest via slow jam,  President Obama walked on stage.

“I’m President Barack Obama and I too want to slow jam the news,” he said before beginning to discuss the impending Stafford Loan rate increases via verse.

“The interest rates on Stafford Student Loans, the same loans that many of you use to pay for college, are set to double,” Obama said. “Some hard working students will be paying about $1,000 extra just to get their education.”

“There are some in Congress disagree,” he went on. “They say that keeping the interest rate low isn’t a way to help our students, they say that we should be doing everything we can to pay down the national debt, well, so long as it doesn’t includes taxing billionaires.”

“Ohhhh yeah. You should listen to the president,” Fallon added who referred to him as the “Barack Ness Monster.”

The Roots singer Tariq Trotter, better known as Black Thought, wasn’t left out of the jam session. He was sure to add his feelings on the matter, and slip in a joke.

“If Congress doesn’t act it’s the student who pay. The right and left should join on this, like Kim and Kanye,” Trotter said.

Following the performance, Obama sat down with Fallon to discuss everything from politics to basketball and hanging out with his dog Bo.

Check it out.