Heckler Shoves Comedian at Long Island City’s Laughing Devil (Video)

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Screenshot from the YouTube video

A drunken heckler was caught on video shoving comedian Rich Vos of Opie & Anthony fame at the Laughing Devil in Long Island City recently.

“You are watching the end of a career,” Vos joked as he took the stage, when the heckler began taunting him by shouting “You’re not kidding.”

“You paid to see it dummy,” teases Vos, which only provoked the heckler further. He responds, “Lucky me, lucky me.”

Vos, doing what comedians do best, took the situation lightly and continued to joke, “Every time you think you have something witty to say, punch yourself in the face,” Vos says.

“You started it wrong, I said you are going to be funny tonight, you said no,” the heckler responded. “You got a problem.”

At that point management steps in and decided they have to get the heckler out. The staff delivered his bill but created an even bigger problem when an employee touched the heckler’s shoulder. The heckler jumped up and started screaming. “Don’t put your f****** hands on me,” he yelled into the employee’s face.

“You understand me,” he yelled before pushing the club owner and comedian Steve Hofstetter back. The heckler gets one final message to the comedian before storming out of the room, “I wanted to be part of your act, not against your act.”

Before he leaves the building though, Hofstetter had one last task: the bill. Steve tried to get him to sign his bill to which he finally agrees but warns, “Don’t touch. Don’t touch. And i’ll rip this f****** place to pieces.”

Lucky for us, the incident went viral shortly after for all to see. The comedian, who has been featured on Last Comic Standing, happened to be heckled during which a documentary was being shot.

“You get these guys, he’s so drunk,” said Vos after being heckled. “Right from the beginning I could tell.”

“Rich Vos rips into a chatty heckler. When comedian/club owner Steve Hofstetter comes to throw the heckler out, he starts shoving. (All shot documentary style). At the Laughing Devil in Long Island City, NY,” reads the YouTube video caption.

Check it out.