Soldier Returns Home, Surprises Dog (Video)

Picture 4

Picture 4The Welcome Home Blog is known for sharing tearjerking reunions of soldiers and their families.  Recently, they released one reunion video of a man and man’s best friend that had us grabbing the tissue box.

The video features a soldier surprising his furry friend, Ranger, during a game of fetch.

“Here is Ranger, a beautiful German Shepherd, fetching his favorite toy… the “green monster,” reads the YouTube video description that shows Ranger running off to fetch the toy in the yard. “After running after the toy, Ranger comes back to find his owner home from deployment.”

The soldier steps in as Ranger heads back to deliver the ball and leaves him surprised to say the least. Upon spotting his soldier friend, Ranger lets out a series of barks while the ball is still in his mouth and heads over to nuzzle his owner.

“The excited barks are enough to let you know that this is one happy little dog!,” reads the video description.

The entertaining reunion video went viral last week and is clearly a hit with more than a million views since being posted.

A few weeks ago, a similar video went viral showing a man surprising his favorite canine and proved to be just as popular, with millions of viewers tuning in.

In that video, viewers watch as a boxer named Chuck sits calmly in the back of a car until he spots his human friend, who has been deployed for eight months while serving for the U.S. Army.

Chuck leaps from the car and charges at his owner, who bends down to give his dog a hug. The reunion is too exciting to be controlled in a hug, as Chuck bounces up and down and jumps all over the soldier, at one point even knocking his sunglasses to the ground.