Kate Upton Skullcandy Video Goes Viral (Video)

Picture 5

Picture 51Kate Upton seems to be the star of the Internet this week as another video starring the super model has gone viral.

This time, it’s not a performance of “Cat Daddy,” it’s a commercial for Skullcandy.

“Forget take your kid to work day — today is Take a Supermodel to Work Day,” reads the video description.

The video went viral this week and follows two famous NBA players as they take the supermodel to work with them.

“Watch what happens when Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model and member of Skullcandy Supermodel Crew, Kate Upton, goes to work with NBA superstars, and members of the Skullcandy NBA Crew, Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder,” reads the description.

The video opens with Kevin Durant and James Harden meeting Upton and taking her into the gym where they shoot around.

“What’s that shot called,” asks Upton and then again, “Are you going to practice your dunking later” before saying “I saw one game where you didn’t make any shots.”

Her questions soon turn to nagging.”So how long are we going to be here?” she asks, and again, “Did you watch Space Jam?”

KD and James discuss their new model friend, one noting “Kate is very enthusiastic” while the other notes, “She looks really go though.”

But the day isn’t over yet. Kate accompanies the men to the locker room where they are massaged by a trainer. Upton volunteers to help but is denied, prompting her to storm out and say, “I guess my day was alright” and “I brought too much thunder.”

Before the video ends, the crew switches roles and the two basketball players accompany Upton to her job, on a sexy photo shoot.  Check out the video.