‘Dancing With The Stars’ Double Elimination

Melissa and Maks
(Credit: ABC)
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(Credit: ABC)

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert and Disney Star Roshon Fegen were kicked off of the hit show “Dancing With The Stars” during a double elimination show Tuesday night after they both, arguably, preformed their best dances on Monday night.

Only the best could make it to next week’s semi-finals, and the judges made sure to clean house this week. Though it’s sad to see both of these actors go, it’s not surprising.

Roshon does not have as much of a fan base as other competitors and Melissa, even though she had been drastically improving, is not on the same level as competitors Katherine Jenkins and William Levy.

At least they both got to exit the show on a high note, but it was extra sad for Melissa, whose birthday was on the same day as her elimination. She seemed devastated after hearing she would no longer be dancing on the show.

Maks had recently been really hard on Melissa after they did not have their best performance the week prior. He apologized to his partner and said, “Sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most.”

But Melissa clearly has no hard feelings. After being told she would not make it to the next round she said, “I’m amazed that I even made it this far. The things we have been able to overcome make it a really incredible birthday.”

“I wish I could have given you a better birthday present,” responded Maks. “I’m very honored to have met you.”

Hey, at least she got to dance in a Chmerkovskiy sandwich before she hit the road — a girl can’t complain about that!