Jonathan Antoine Loses ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (Video)

Ashleigh and Pudsey
(Credit: Ken McKay, Rex Features)
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(Credit: Ken McKay, Rex Features)

Remember Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli from Britain’s Got Talent– the unbelievable duo whose emotional performance of “The Prayer”  blew away the judges with their powerful voices? Well, they lost to a dog. Ashleigh and Pudsey won the British talent show.

Ashleigh, 17, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and her six-year-old dog triumphed over Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli, as she and her four legged friend received the most votes from the public. The Welsh choir “Only Boys Allowed” took the third place spot. 

Ashleigh won the £500,000 first place-prize and was speechless, the Daily Mail added.

When she was able to find words she blurted out, “A massive thank you to everyone that voted for me.”

The Essex duo Jonathan, 17, and Charlotte, 16, were by no means sore losers. Though they would have loved to win, they were happy to be there. 

Charlotte said, “Oh my God, we came second. Its incredible.”

All of the judges felt there was a lot of competition in the show and that picking a winner would be difficult. However, Ashleigh and her Pudsey first-place winning act was Mission Impossible themed, and they crowd loved it.

Simon might have been their biggest cheerleader, “I think Pudsey is training you. One of my favorite ever acts. You know how much I love dogs. I adore both of you Ashleigh and Pudsey. You’ve got better and better. What you’ve done is such a short time is a miracle.” 

David added, “I can’t believe you’ve come out here and done another new act. The nation has fallen in love with you and Pudsey.” 

Take a look at Ashleigh and Pudsey’s performance. Do you think they should have won the show or were Jonathan and Charlotte robbed?