“Sister Wives” Season 3 Returns (Video)

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(Photo: screenshot from Sister Wives)
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(Photo: screenshot from Sister Wives)

The Browns, the popular polygamist family, made their return to the small screen recently.

TLC hit show Sister Wives returned Sunday night for a third season. The show picked up around the winter holidays with baby Solomon, the child of Kody and his fourth wife Robyn, only a few months old.

The pregnancy was heavily highlighted in Season 2, following the couple’s spiritual union that was featured on the season finale of the first season. Baby Solomon’s birth was featured during a special episode in November.

The premiere episode of Season 3 followed Kody and his four wives Robyn, Christine, Janelle and Meri as they contemplated another move. In previous seasons, the controversial family was forced to leave Utah for Nevada because of a police investigation into the family’s lifestyle.

The family looked for homes in Nevada in closer proximity of each other and ultimately agreed on a cul-de-sac. The four wives and Kody reportedly thought that the property would bring them closer together as it would allow the family to build four homes side by side.

Most interesting in the new episode is the new dynamic of the family. The episode shared with viewers, a new budding friendship between two wives while revealing a rift between another wife and Kody.

Robyn and Meri have been getting closer and closer following the birth of Solomon. In a heartwarming moment, Robyn cradled her baby as Meri looked on and then Robyn offered to surrogate for Meri and Kody.

Viewers were also let in on the rocky relationship between Christine and Kody. Problems were evident between the two since Robyn first joined the family but in Sunday night’s episode, Christine’s jealousy seemed to be at an all time high.

“Our relationship really isn’t that great” revealed Christine after noticing Kody has been spending more time building up his relationship with new wife Robyn and her children. “I put a lot more of the responsibility on him, than I used to,” she said. “I think it needs to be a choice, a choice that I make to be happy again.”

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