Man Dies From Lap Dance

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(Credit: Alamy)

Most people wish to die in their sleep, but dying from a lap dance might not be a bad second place.

Robert Gene White is a 67-year-old man who got several lap dances on Friday night in a Texas club. The fun soon ended when workers found him unconscious, KVIA reported.

A manager at the Red Parrot in El Paso spoke to authorities and said that although workers attempted to perform CPR on him, their efforts to revive the man were unsuccessful.

White reportedly suffered a heart attack while the dancers at the Red Parrot were entertaining him, KTSM reported.

Though there are no signs of foul play, the El Paso Sheriff’s deputies are still investigating the case.

Lap dances are typically when a topless employee dances for a seated patron.

They are illegal in some U.S. states where there must be a minimum distance between the worker and seated customer. The Detroit City Council, for example, banned lap dances that took place in VIP rooms in February of 2010.

Most dancers are required to “tip out” the club owners whether they made any money or not. They also do not get paid minimum wage or overtime since their bodies are considered to be independent contractors.

No one can say for sure but Robert Gene White most likely died happily.


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