Teachers Dancing Behind Students [Video]

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Picture 83YouTube is known for sharing hilarious videos and this one we’ve come across is definitely worth sharing.

The new funny video features a series of student interviews. Now you may be thinking that can’t be entertaining, but it’s not what they say but what’s happening behind them that’s the real kicker.

In each interview, each student’s interview is muted while a Whitney Houston song plays in the background. The focus of the footage is not even the student but the teacher dancing behind them.

As each interview flips through, whether it be a band room or hallway, a different teacher can be seen busting a move in the background. “Some of the faculty of AKF dancing behind students,” reads the YouTube video caption.

The chosen teacher in each shot casually strolls into the background to perform a hilarious dance routine. These routines included the swimmer and the sprinkler and are put to the late Whitney Houston’s hit song, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

The video was created by teachers at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School in Worcester and has become an Internet sensation with over 500,000 views since first being posted. According to the Boston Globe, it was even featured on NBC’s Today show, and Good Morning America.

Check it out.

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