“Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3d” Trailer Released [Video]

katy perry part of me poster 2 546x783Katy Perry’s new movie is only a few months away from being released.

In anticipation of her new film, Perry has enlisted the help of Twitter users to piece together a puzzle of her official movie poster. For the user that is able to put together the entire puzzle first, she will feature their Twitter name at the end of the film.

Perry also recently released another new movie poster that shows her standing in front of the mirror in her bedroom holding a brush like a microphone. In the mirror is Perry as the star she is today.

In previous months, Perry released a trailer giving fans a glimpse into the new concert documentary chronicling her rise to fame and “Teenage Dream” tour in 3D that will kick off in July.

“This film, you’re going to see it from my best friend/ buddy perspective, you’re going to see exactly what I mean and feel and think about everything,” Perry previously told MTV.

“That tour was so life-changing to me. I learned so much, I went through so much along the way,” she said.

The trailer shows Perry as a child, performing in church and then goes on to show how she broke through and became the super star she is today, performing at a “Teenage Dream” concert.

The documentary may sound familiar. That’s because Justin Bieber released a very similar one a few years ago.

Perry’s new film was directed by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lisitz, according to MTV, the same folks who made Bieber’s popumentary. Bieber previously released a similar movie called “Never Say Never.”

As we’ve previously reported, “Never Say Never” was released in 2011 and followed Bieber’s rise to fame from his young days in Canada to his worldwide tour and the countdown to his Madison Square Garden concert.

Check it out.