“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Trailer With Kanye West [Video]

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Picture 113It’s a question all Kardashian fans are wondering: will Kanye West appear on the family’s reality show? The answer is, well, kind of.

Kim opened up to “Access Hollywood,” admitting that the rap star would appear on the series, though intimate details of the relationship would be left out.

“I’ve learned maybe, the hard way,” Kim said. “That when you open yourself up and you’re in love, and it’s happening so fast and to involve someone else in that is a little tough.”

Kim knows best, as her entire relationship from first date to fairytale wedding to disaster divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries was broadcast for all the world to see.

She noted that “I have known Kanye for a really long time,” before saying, “I don’t think he’ll really be on, but it’s my real life still so if he comes to pick me up or something and the cameras are there. But if there’s going to be intimate things and stuff like that no.”

“No bubble baths and champagne,” Khloe explained.

Kimye went public in recent weeks after the rapper released “Theraflu.” In it he mentions that he developed some strong feelings for Kardashian while she was with ex-husband Kris Humphries.

“And I admit I fell in love with Kim/’Round the same time she fell in love with him/That’s cool, babygirl, do your thing/Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team.”

Following the song, the two were spotted out holding hands and taking part in major PDA.

Rumors of a romance between Kardashian and West, were swirling in past years and it was revealed that the two hooked up while dating other people.  West’s ex, Amber Rose, said in an interview that the rapper cheated on her with the reality star, adding that “Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together.”

Check it out.