Teen Mom Amber Portwood Released From Jail? (Video)

Amber Portwood
(Credit: Us Weekly)
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(Credit: Us Weekly)

Amber is now a free woman, again, after being locked up for a week a source confirmed to Us Weekly.

Amber has been in and out of jail ever since she appeared on MTV’s hit show “Teen Mom” and last Thursday Amber found herself in the slammer again.  She was taken to a Madison County jail in Indiana when she lied to a judge about why she did not attend a court-ordered drug test, Us Weekly added.

The “Teen Mom’s” excuse was a “medical condition.” Portwood attempted to explain that she had been recovering from gallbladder surgery, and said she was just following strict doctor orders to stay home for two weeks. However, the prosecutors checked Amber’s story with her doctor and said she made up those instructions.

A source close to Portword told Us Weekly she was released from jail “a little before 6 a.m.” on Friday morning as per under court orders. The source added that there was no bail or bond for Portwood’s release.

If the mother of Leah misses one more of the drug-testing appointments Amber might be kicked out of the court’s drug rehabilitation program completely. Instead of getting clean and sober, she may then face up to five years in jail for when she was convicted in December 2011 for possession of a controlled substance and parole violation.

Amber, daughter Leah and Portwood’s ex-fiance Gary Shirley will all be appearing in the final season of MTV’s “Teen Mom.”

The extended trailer shows Amber and Gary fighting while she struggles with having to go to rehab.

Do you think Amber will miss another one of her court-mandated drug test and end up in jail for years?