Mrs. Eastwood: Dina Eastwood (Video)

(Credit: E!)

Clint Eastwood is best known for his stern acting and gravely voice, but now his family is going to be famous for their comedic timing.

So what made the Eastwoods, seemingly out of nowhere, decide they wanted to have their own reality show?

Dina explains that it’s not to accelerate their own stardom, but for the vocal group she manages called Overtone, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

“I had a midlife crisis and I adopted a boy band,” the breezily candid Eastwood was quoted as saying in CSM. “I was edgy, I didn’t know what I was doing. Clint was accelerating how many movies a year he was doing. Our youngest daughter was getting to the point she doesn’t want to be around me as much.”

She discovered the band while she was attending a concert in Capetown, South Africa.

“They’re very good-looking and the best vocal group Clint and I have ever heard,” she told CSM. “I was thinking what a cute little reality show about a haggard mom who doesn’t know what she’s doing, leading this cute band around trying to … get them successful.”

The band’s lead singer Eduard Leonard explains that the group was in awe of Clint Eastwood at first.

“At first it was terribly intimidating to be in his presence,” Leonard told CSM. “We still have to pinch ourselves.”

Though Dina’s choice to do the show mostly had to do with promoting her band, she also wanted to include her daughter Morgan, 15,  and step-daughter Francesca, 18, not to mention a few hilarious other individuals like their housekeeper, Lisa. Hence Mrs. Eastwood and company.

So where is Mr. Eastwood in all of this? He was out filming the movie, “Trouble With The Curb.” However, Dina made sure to add that his absence on the television show does not mean disapproval.

She said Clint gave “every single warning you can possibly give someone. That being said, he’s also given me the freedom to go ahead and try something new and on my own.”

Dina warned producers that her family wasn’t dysfunctional like the Kardashians, but producers said they wanted to try something different.

“People have an idea of how the Eastwoods are,” said Leonard, the singer from Overtone, to CSM. “This will help viewers see they are not a conventional Hollywood family. They are very down to earth and have hearts of gold.”

Check out a clip from the show where Dina and Lisa decide to get piercings. Will you tune in to watch the show every Sunday at 10 p.m. on E!?