‘Pine-Sol Pranked:’ Pine-Sol Lady Scares Guys (Video)

Pine-Sol Lady
(Credit: YouTube)
Pine-Sol Lady
(Credit: YouTube)

A new promo prankster video from Pine-Sol might be just the thing to hyped up everyone about the fresh-smelling cleaning product again.

The two-minute video, titled “Pine-Sol Pranked” is filled with laughs and is not to be missed. It starts with a black screen and line, “This footage is from a Pine-Sol product test in April 2012,” appears.

A man who seems to be the director of the commercial informs one of the unsuspecting victims that Pine-Sol wants to portray how guys interact with the product.

He shows them where the mess is and then instructs them to clean it up in different areas of the house including the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In each corner of the room is a poster of Diane Amos, who is best know as the “Pine-Sol Lady” and her famous line, “That’s Pine-Sol, baby.”

That is when things start to get funny. Just as the director is asking the guys how they like the product and if they’re aware of the “Pine-Sol Lady,” Diane Amos jumps out from behind the poster and scares the you-know-what out of them.

And cue the hilarity:

As Diane tries to yell, “Yeah baby that’s the power of Pine-Sol,” the first victim screams, “Oh J****!”

The next gives Diane a “Woo child!”

The next few guys are all moderately stunned until Diane scares the guy in the sweater vest. Poor sweater-vest guy — he reacts as if he’s seen the most horrific thing in his life and looks like he’s about to break down crying.

The victim at the one-minute mark gives such a high-squeel that it’s virtually impossible not to laugh at his reaction.

Check out the video, whose reaction to Diane popping out from behind the poster is the funniest?