“JB Fanvideo”: Justin Bieber Fan Video Goes Viral (Video)

Picture 11

Picture 111We all know what it would be like to have Justin Bieber as a boyfriend following the release of “Boyfriend” back in April.

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I can take you places you ain’t never been before,” he sings in the hit song.

This week, he now knows what it would be like to have one fan as a girlfriend, and Selena Gomez can rest easy because it sure doesn’t look appealing.

A girl recently submitted a fanvideo for JB’s Girlfriend contest and remixed his “Boyfriend” song. In the new video, she changed the lyrics to fit the role of girlfriend — a really crazy girlfriend — one that never lets her boyfriend leave the house without a recording device taped under his sleeve.

“If I was your girlfriend I would drive you up the wall, question who you’re with yeah, I would always call and call,” she sings to the beat of Bieber’s hit song “Boyfriend.”

She goes on to further freak the world out with lyrics like, “I wouldn’t call it jealousy, just looking out for you, reading all of your texts, watching everything you do,” and “Nag, nag, nag on you, ask all about your past and Facebook stalk you too.”

“I’ll always be checking up on you, hey boy, who you talking to?” she sings. “Don’t hide secrets in your house because boy, I stole the key.”

As if those lyrics aren’t enough to have chills down Bieber’s spine, she goes on to sing, “Tell me if you like her, don’t try to say you don’t, I can see it in your eyes that you want to try and go,” and  “It ain’t the right choice yeah you already know, I’m going to make you stay with me and be mad if you don’t.”

The girl then insists on being Bieber’s girlfriend and planning a wedding and children’s names. “I will be your girlfriend, I will be your girlfriend,” she sings before rattling off the names of their future children.

Bieber’s song, “Boyfriend” comes off of his upcoming album “Believe,” which will be released later this summer. The song was released on March 26.

The somewhat scary spoof remix has proved popular since going viral this past week with over 1 million views since first being posted. Check it out.