Private Arctic Launch Party Goes Wrong (Video)

Picture 11

Picture 112If the new viral video of an oil company party gone wrong seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. The video of a PR disaster at a private Shell Oil party and had everyone wondering if it’s real.

Well, folks, it was just a hoax.

The video, which has quickly climbed up the ranks at Google and has garnered over 500,000 views since being posted in recent days, was fake footage of an embarrassing incident that took place at an oil company’s party.

“This was a private send-off for Shell’s arctic rigs (Kulluk and Noble discoverer) at the Seattle Space Needle.  The rigs were visible outside the window.  Incredibly, there was an obvious malfunction of the model rig that was supposed to pour drinks for guests,” read the YouTube video caption.

The video, a purportedly of a private Shell party for new rigs in the Arctic (Royal Dutch Shell will reportedly begin drilling in the Arctic in July) takes a turn for the worst when people posed by the replica oil rig and then one woman began filling up her glass from the top of the ring that malfunctioned and shot liquor all over her.

Employees tried to contain the misfire unsuccessfully and the man that filmed the incident was rushed out of the party as a security guard asked him to stop filming and to hand over his phone.

According to Gawker, the hoax video was staged by communications firm Wainwright & Shore. A Shell spokeswoman confirmed it was a fake too, telling Gawker that it was the work of groups that oppose Shell’s plans in Alaska and that the event did not take place.

Check it out. Do you think the parody resembled how some oil companies have handled spills in the past?