Tim Poe “America’s Got Talent” Audition (Video)

Picture 7

Picture 72Tim Poe recently performed on “America’s Got Talent” and left the audience in tears. But only days later he was revealed as a fraud and now he’s the one crying.

Poe appeared on AGT earlier this week and explained that he had developed a stutter after serving in the military and being hit with a grenade. He shared his sad story about how he broke his back and suffered a brain injury while both the judges and audience teared up. Photos of the soldier on duty were projected before Poe took the stage and performed.

Only days after his performance, Poe was called out for submitting photos that weren’t of him instead of another soldier as well as lying about his injuries. Poe’s ex-wife also commented on his stutter that she reportedly thought was “put on.”

Poe later admitted to the New York Post that it may not have happened exactly like he said it did but that he remembers a blast going off by his head. He eventually also confessed to lying about earning medals such as the Purple Heart, according to reports.

TMZ reported that his family has received death threats over the incident and that Poe is in bad shape. A family member told TMZ recently that she fears Poe is now suicidal and that he hasn’t left the house since news broke and has been crying incessantly.

As far as his future on the reality talent show, while the show’s production company Fremantle Media reportedly issued an apology about using the wrong picture in the episode, NBC hasn’t commented on whether they will kick Poe off and rumors are swirling that he will get eliminated soon anyway.

A video of his story and performance went viral in later days following the airing of the episode. Check it out.