Naked Pics of Snooki? (Photo)

Nicole Polizzi
(Credit: The Daily Mail)

Self-portrait style, full-frontal cell-phone pics that look a whole lot like Snooki have gone viral, according to The Daily Mail.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has done some embarassing things, but her Italian family is definitely not going to be happy with the latest drama.

Her reps have neither confirmed nor denied whether the photographs are actually of the pint-sized self-proclaimed meatball.

The girl in the photo, who definitely appears to be Snooki, is tanned with long dark hair and bright green nail polish. She’s only wearing a white bathrobe and in some of the photos she opens the robe up so the front of her naked body is exposed. In one of the photos she removes the robe and bears it all for the camera.

The pictures seem to have been taken in a hotel room and if they are legitimate, they must be old because Snooki is far along in her pregnancy now.

This is quite the set back for the reality star who has been trying to take steps towards maturity ever since she announced she was pregnant and engaged to Jionni LaValle, the father of her unborn son.

Though she will be appearing on the sixth season of the “Jersey Shore” she’s not even going to be living in the same house of her roommates.

Snickers is expected to”pop” anytime this Summer, and potentially going into labor in a house filled with inebriated roommates is probably not the best idea.

She won’t be far from her former digs though, Snooki’s new nest is right next to her old home. So making Sunday dinner with her “Jersey Shore” family shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you think the leaked photos are of Snooki?