Steven Guttenberg: The Guttenberg Bible, A Memoir

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23TheBookFrom the actor who starred in such iconic blockbusters as Diner, Police Academy and Three Men and a Baby, The Guttenberg Bible is Steve Guttenberg’s hilarious, insightful memoir of the highs and lows of Hollywood, and a man determined to make it there.

In this honest, charming memoir, the Long Island native tells a Horatio Alger story of how he became the star of some of the ’80s most successful blockbusters. He spent his early days sneaking onto the Paramount lot (pretending to be Michael Eisner’s son) and meeting more celebrities and casting agents than most aspiring actors ever would.

Even before the hit Police Academy (which his agent said would be a flop), he had already worked with everyone from Sir Laurence Olivier to Mickey Rourke. Perhaps it was his charisma or perhaps it was his dogged persistence, but his life was filled with unexpected run-ins and connections with dozens of Hollywood hitmakers.

His self-awareness and sense of humor about the ups and downs of fame make this a sympathetic and unguarded Hollywood story.