Madonna Flashes Breast During Turkey Concert (Video)

madonna censoredMadonna may have ruffled a few feathers during a recent performance this past weekend when she flashed her breast.

The singer flashed her breast during a stop in Instanbul, Turkey while on her MDNA tour. During the 80-minute concert, she performed a strip tease to “Human Nature” and slid down her lingerie to reveal her right breast.

Following the flash, the 53-year-old singer also unzipped her pants but stopped and turned around to reveal a temporary tattoo that read, “No Fear.”

Fans had no problem with the peep show and instead erupted into cheers. Madonna reportedly commented on the “nip-slip” uttering “oops” after the concert.

A video of the incident later went viral. Check it out.

The flash was just the latest incident during her tour that has garnered publicity around the world. Madonna has been making headlines in recent months all thanks to her controversial tour stop in Tel Aviv.

Earlier this month, she flashed an image of a Nazi swastika on Marine Le Pen’s head during the concert, enraging the French leader who later said he would take action if she repeated it in France.

The swastika image appeared during Madonna’s song, “Nobody Knows Me,” along with images of Pope Benedict XVI, Hu Jintao and Sarah Palin. Madge finished the performance by telling the crowd she wants world peace.

A video of the offending performance later went viral and viewers can see a swastika to the left of the screen.  Check it out.