Justin Bieber “Right Here” and “Beauty and A Beat” Leak (Audio)

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Picture 151Two tracks from Justin Bieber’s new album were leaked recently, causing a frenzy among fans.

A new Drake and Bieber collaboration called “Right Here” went viral recently along with a new collaboration with singer Nicki Minaj called “Beauty and A Beat.” Both were later taken off the Internet.

“Right Here,” which can be previewed below, and “Beauty and A Beat” come from Bieber’s album Believe, that’s set to debut on June 19.

“And i’m right here, ain’t nobody gotta hold you/ Cause i’m right here, ain’t nobody gon’ control you/Cause i’m right, right here,” sings Bieber in the new song “Right Here.”

The two songs surely aren’t the first collaborations from Bieber’s new album that went viral. They follow other collaborations with artists Big Sean and Ludacris. The teenage singer teamed up with Big Sean for “As Long as You Love Me” and with Ludacris for “All Around the World.”

The new songs follow other singles off of the new album that have hit the Internet in recent months including “Turn To You,” which was released on Mother’s Day and dedicated to Bieber’s mother as well as lead single “Boyfriend,” which was released on March 26 with a music video following May 3.

Bieber’s new album reportedly shows his transformation from boyhood to manhood as his lyrics expose a newfound maturity, appealing to a larger fan base, which is evident in his latest releases. Check out the preview of “Right Here.”