‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell Pregnant Again?

Teen Mom
(Credit: Teenmomsite.blogspot.com)

MTV Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell is pregnant for a second time with boyfriend of nearly eight years Tyler Baltierra, according to In Touch magazine.

The first time the couple was pregnant they gave their daughter Carly up for adoption when they were just  17-years-old. The hit show followed the couple as they delt with the choice to give up their first born.

“We chose [adoption] with one person in mind — our daughter, because she deserved the best and at the time I couldn’t provide her the best,” Tyler said on his website. “As a parent, I made the greatest sacrifice in order to provide her with the best life.”

But now that they are three years older the couple will raise their second child. A friend of Tyler and Catelynn, Jamie Pyrzewski, told In Touch that the reality star “was nervous and scared” when she found out she was pregnant again, but the nerves quickly turned into excitement.

“This time, she knew immediately that she wanted to keep the baby. She’s just so happy,” another source adds.

The couple has not actually confirmed the pregnancy at this point, but if it’s true the couple is going to be sending mixed messages to their fans.

People who watched the show looked up to Tyler and Catelynn for giving Carly up for adoption since they made a hard yet responsible decision for their daughter. They wanted to give her the best life possible and wanted to insure a brighter future for themselves also. If the couple is pregnant again, what exactly are they telling people? It’s okay to get pregnant once and give the child up for adoption but if you do it again then you’re stuck with the baby?

The situation is definitely confusing. We’re kinda hoping this is just a rumor since Tyler and Catelynn were considered one of the few success stories from the show.

Do you think Catelynn is pregnant again?