“Dark Knight Rises” Extended Trailer Released (Video)

Picture 16

Picture 162The epic superhero trilogy that began in 2005 comes to an end this summer with the last movie of the Batman series, “Dark Knight Rises.”

The movie will hit theaters July 20, but eager fans can catch a glimpse of the Dark Knight in an extended trailer that Nokia released Tuesday.

“Dark Knight Rises” takes place eight years after Batman took the fall for Harvey Dent. After all that time, Gotham finds itself in need of their dark hero once again as a criminal known as Bane terrorizes the city.

The extended trailer has much to live up to as the original trailer went viral the first day it was released with 70,000 views. The fourth trailer shows various scenes of Gotham falling deeper into darkness and chaos.

Clips of revolts, bridges collapsing, explosions, and gunfire guarantee that Batman will be busy in this action-packed film. Although the extended trailer does reveal some unseen footage, the energy and suspense of the trailer further fuels the buildup.

Anne Hathaway joins the star studded cast as Catwoman. Other big name actors include Christian Bale, Michael Cain, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman. Hathaway’s character is ambiguous as to whether she is a villain or not. In the preview she is seen fighting with catlike reflexes and some fierce feline power.

Compared to earlier previews, the extended version has little dialogue, consisting mostly of climatic music and powerful images. The few words uttered in the trailer carry more meaning as Batman says, “I’m not afraid. I’m angry,” turning towards Bane.

The two-minute trailer captures the essence of drama and action in the “Dark Knight Rises” when Bane, played by Tom Hardy, has the torn mask of Batman and lets it fall.

From the teaser, it appears Director Christopher Nolan’s last movie of the Batman series possesses the same vigor and quality as its predecessors, but also pushes the dimension of darkness further.

Check out the new trailer.