“True Blood” Roman’s Debut (Video)

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Picture 34The second episode of “True Blood” aired Sunday night and viewers finally met Roman, played by Christopher Meloni, the most powerful member The Authority.

The ancient vampire made finally made his debut on the second episode of Season Five, and jumped into the drama by drawing his own blood, pouring it into the other member’s mouths, and offering it up to the vampire mother, Lilith.

Roman introduced himself to fans while the vampire king of Louisiana,  Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer, and Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard, kneeled in front of him, and his sex partner, Nora Gainsborough, played by Lucy Griffiths, stood waiting to be punished.

During the first episode, Compton and Northman were taken in for questioning but Gainsborough helped them escape and defied The Authority, for which she worked. The crew was later captured and all may now face the “True Death.”

Roman quickly excused Nora before taking out and swinging a wooden stake, threatening the two with “True Death.” The men narrowly escape death when they reveal that evil vampire Russell Edgington had escaped and would be seeking them. They tell Roman that they will help kill the evil vampire in exchange for their lives. Roman spares the two, for now.

Speaking of Edgington, fans got a glimpse of the 3,000-year-old vampire Russell Edgington, played by Denis O’Hare, Sunday night. The vampire, who was put under concrete by both Compton and Northman in previous seasons, escaped and was seen laying in a hospital bed, skin cracked and feasting on humans, whose limbs were sprawled throughout.

Fanger fans also got to finally meet Tara the vampire, who was turned in the previous episode. Tara, played by Rutina Wesley, doesn’t seem too comfortable in her new form, and was seen running through the house, smashing plates and screaming in frustration.

In Season 4, she was shot by Debbie the werewolf. Tara was turned into a vampire after Sookie and Tara’s cousin, Lafayette, played by Nelsan Ellis, begged vampire Pam, played by Kristen Bauer van Straten, to save her even if it meant she would become a vampire — what she hated most.

Fans also caught up with Sam Merlotte, played by Sam Trammell, who was saved from a brutal werewolf death after wrongfully being accused of killing the pack’s master, Marcus Bozeman, played by Dan Buran. Alcide, played by Joe Manganiello, admitted he was the one who killed him and is to take on the role of pack master but ultimately decides he has no interest in the role or in joining the pack in feasting on Marcus’ remains.

Check out a clip of The Authority.