Largest Crocodile In Captivity: Philippines Crocodile Makes Guinness World Records

Lolong (AP Photo)

A saltwater crocodile broke a Guinness World Record recently. The croc was named the largest in captivity worldwide.

The crocodile named Lolong was captured last September in the Philippines and measures over 20 feet and weighs in at more than a ton, according to an Associated Press report. He beat out an Australian crocodile that measured over 17 feet.

“The largest crocodile in captivity is Lolong, a saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), who measured 6.17 m (20.24 ft) in Agusan del Sur Province of Mindanao, Philippines,” reads Guinness World Records website.  “Lolong’s weight was also measured at a nearby truck weigh-bridge and verified as approximately 1075 kg (2370 lbs).”

According to the website, the crocodile was measured by handlers in his custom built enclosure at Bunawan Eco-Park and Research Centre.

The massive reptile was reportedly hauled in after a young girl was killed and a fisherman went missing in 2009. About 100 people pulled him from a creek using a rope and crane.

The crocodile calls a new ecotourism park and research center in Bunawan home, and has helped bring in thousands of tourists and generate thousands of dollars for the town.

According to Guinness World Records website, “Lolong is said to be healthy and in very good body condition following the regulatory three month monitoring period having exceeded whilst living in captivity.”

While the announcement that the croc had made the record books brought cheers, it also brought fears that Lolong may have other massive friends lurking nearby. Elorde, who headed the hunt for Lolong said he saw a bigger crocodile escape when he was captured.

With Associated Press.