B-List B-Day: Nadya “Octomom” Suleman


July 11, 1976

Nadya Suleman is a Cancer, symbolized by the crab. Crabs have eight legs. Nads had eight children—at one time!

Cancers have a close connection with water, especially the ocean, the embryonic fluid of the Earth.

They are ruled by the moon. A full moon can be seen for about three days, about as long as Nadya’s time in the spotlight, and even though it goes away, it is, of course, guaranteed to make an appearance time and time again.

While the maternal sideshow known as Octomom kept things on the down-low for awhile, we always knew she’d cycle around to the full visibility and cataclysmic power of a Super Moon—whether it be making headlines again over her filthy house being foreclosed on—or releasing a solo sex tape.

Thankfully, a full moon means a dark moon is just around the corner…We can only hope.