Amazon Phone? Amazon to Release Phone, Report Says

48RunDown Amazon

Looks like another influential company is looking to get into the cell phone business.

So how does the “Amazon Phone” sound?

For Amazon’s loyal customers, obsessed with its Kindle devices and Prime membership, that little rumor is probably music to their ears.

And the whole Amazon smartphone report may be more than a rumor.

According to a report from Bloomberg on Friday, Amazon is working with hardware maker Foxconn to create a new mobile device to compete with other phones such as the iPhone and other Android devices.

Right now there’s not much information out there about an alleged Amazon mobile device. And it’s not clear what the phone would look like.

Amazon didn’t respond to comments requests for comment by Bloomberg.

But there have been rumors for some time concerning an Amazon mobile device, according to multiple reports.

PCWorld said rumors began swirling once Amazon started selling apps on its website.

And a Citigroup analysts said back in November that Amazon is planning to jump into the smartphone business, according to Bloomberg.

Recently, Amazon jumped into the tablet market when it introduced its Kindle Fire, which allows the company to push all the content it offers on its website, from its vast e-book market to TV shows and movies and newspapers and magazines.