San Diego Fireworks Explosion (Video)

Picture 5

Picture 51The San Diego night sky was lit up way more than expected last week when a Fourth of July fireworks show took a turn for the worst.

The fireworks malfunctioned and all went off at the same time, lighting up the night sky and cutting short the planned show.

The malfunction was quite costly. The fireworks alone cost more than $100,000, among other expenses such as the $380,000 sponsors forked over beforehand.

A video of the explosion went viral last week showing the incident from far away. A distant balloon of lights could be seen in the sky and a moment later, it disappeared. This week, another video of the incident has gone viral and gives an even better look into the massive explosion.

The new video shows spectators laying out their blankets and chairs on a lawn across from where the fireworks were planned to shoot from. But as they sat and waited for the 20-minute show to begin, they instead witnessed a 30-second explosion.

In the video, the explosion is seen up close and illuminating the entire area that was once dark. And just as quickly as it started, the sky returns to dark once again.

“Behold as night becomes day. Taken with a Canon 60D DSLR I borrowed from my church (thecitychurchsd.org),” reads the video caption.

Check it out.

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