Mel Gibson Dragged Into Divorce Drama

In this Feb. 1, 2010 file photo, actor Mel Gibson poses during a photo call to promote the new movie 'Edge of Darkness' in Madrid.

Troubled actor Mel Gibson is reportedly being dragged into a divorce, though not one of his own.

TMZ reports that the 56-year-old was blamed by his stepmother for her pending divorce from Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson.

Teddy Joyce Hicks Gibson is pointing the finger at the Braveheart star as the cause of her divorce and wants him to pay her legal bills. She has filed documents in Los Angeles  court asking a judge to make Mel a party in the divorce proceedings.

Hutton Gibson filed for the divorce in June. If Teddy gets her way, Mel will dish out a decent chunk of change. She is estimating her legal fees will add up to somewhere around $65,000, stating she has already spent about $30,000.

Teddy is also seeking $15,000 a month in spousal support from Hutton.

It seems Teddy and Mel have been butting heads for a while. TMZ previously reported that Teddy filed a restraining order to block Mel from kicking her out of her house (the filing has yet to be ruled on).

Earlier this month, Teddy had made serious claims against Mel, filing documents that stated that the actor had threatened her, spit in her face and sabotaged her marriage, causing her to fear for her safety. Considering Mel’s widely reported history of erratic behavior, it’s the last thing he needed while trying to rehab his image.

The case will involve a lot of back and forth. Hutton’s original filing called for Teddy to pay for his attorney fees. He has also made claims of abuse against Teddy, who allegedly believes the medications that Hutton takes to treat his many ailments are simply prolonging his suffering. It has been stated that Teddy wished for Hutton to stop taking his medications, which she believes is what Hutton wants.

Hutton is in his mid-90s, while Teddy is only in her 70s.