Vans Warped Tour 2012: Hostage Calm


hostagecalmThe Vans Warped Tour came through Long Island on Saturday and featured more than 80 bands performing on several stages across the Nassau Coliseum’s hot parking lot pavement. Among the line-up was a couple of notable veteran bands, such as Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard and New Found Glory. Jammed throughout was a ton of new bands that were getting a first chance to perform at such an important festival that has been responsible for launching many bands into the mainstream. While it was tough to pick which acts to see, a band called Hostage Calm was a no-brainer.

Often associated with the pop-punk crowd, Hostage Calm’s genre is much more broad and complex. Their set at Warped was a mix of faster punk to a little more of a Latin flavor with some power pop in the middle. Most mid-level or first time bands on the tour are fighting to promote their set times and are often placed in a battle trying to get as many people to watch them over another band playing. Although their crowd was a little light at the beginning, many people began to stop and watch as they blew through their quick – but flawless set. By the end their crowd had multiplied to a successful showing.


Cmar – also known as Chris Martins – is the vocalist of the band. He reflected on what Warped meant to them. “It’s great to be part of a mixed bill, from reggae to rock acts and now a lot of female fronted, or even all-female bands.”

It’s been a big hangout for them the last couple days where they’ve been “throwing around the old vortex in the parking lot” before and after their set. And getting a great response from the crowd has been a huge plus.

Saturday’s date was special to them because they have had a strong connection with Long Island from the many do-it-yourself, or DIY, hall shows they’ve played here in the past.

Looking to get into the band? Start with “A Mistrust Earned” and “Ballots/Stones” from their self-titled. Get ready for a new album release in the Fall called Please Remain Calm through their label Run For Cover Records.