“True Blood” Preview Of “Somebody That I Used To Know” Episode (Video)

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Screenshot from YouTube trailer video.
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Screenshot from YouTube trailer video.

Last week, “True Blood” fans were left in suspense, as usual. This Sunday couldn’t have come fast enough. Fans will get their “True Blood” fix in a matter of hours when the HBO hit vampire show returns.

This Sunday, the special Stephen Moyer-directed episode will air and according to a preview for “Somebody That I Used To Know,” it is sure to be an interesting one.

The preview shows what happened after the feeding that took place last episode. Last week in an episode titled “In The Beginning” the vampires drank Lilith’s blood and ultimately, wreaked havoc on innocent humans on Bourbon Street. According to EarSucker.com, during the mass bloodfest, Lilith appeared to the vampires and the ghost of Godric appeared to Eric.

In the preview, Bill Compton and Eric Nortman along with Russell Edgington and others in The Authority are seen coming out of an elevator with blood around their mouths and on their hands. They head out of the elevator all in bliss, except Eric who seems to have already come down from his high. He asks Bill “What just happened?”

“We saw her, she appeared to us,” says Bill. “We saw Lilith.”

Check it out.

Another preview updates fans on Sookie’s status. Last episode, according to one report, she was in front of her house trying to use her powers to shoot up into the night sky. This time, she is meeting with other fairies including Claude to find out what happened to her parents who were rumored to be killed by a vampire.

Check it out.

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