Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management to be Extended

091227 charlie sheen
Charlie Sheen

Cable network FX is reportedly expected to purchase 90 more episodes of Charlie Sheen’s new hit series, Anger Management.

The channel’s president, John Landgraf, announced Saturday that the show has surpassed all previous rating expectations. Therefore, the network has decided to continue the comedies success — but a complete ten episodes must air before a final calculation is made the extensive return of the show is promising.

The continuance is much to Charlie Sheen’s delight as he told reporters the likely purchase is “exciting as hell” and that “I don’t think 90’s going to be enough.”

It was only one year ago when the outspoken actor was fired from CBS’s popular comedy Two and a Half Men after lashing out at Warner Brothers and producer Chuck Lorre. Thus, sending Sheen on a downward spiral with extensive coverage from the media.

“C’mon everyone deserves a 24th chance,” Sheen says in a commercial for his new show after dodging a train.

The purchase of 90 episodes of any television series is very unusual. Generally, networks purchase a single season of a show – around 22 episodes.

The network expects to air the entire 90 episodes by the fall of 2014, causing Lions Gate to produce the episodes rapidly, airing them around once a week. This will allow Lions Gate to sell the show into the rerun system market quickly.

In general, the ratings have dipped off since a strong start, but the comedy series still puts up impressive numbers in the crucial 18-49 demographic. It averaged around 1.3 million viewers as of the sixth episode.

Sheen is also benefiting financially from the shows success, being that he has a 40 percent equity stake of the show.

Martin Sheen, Charlie’s father, will join the cast frequently if the additional 90 episodes are in fact purchased in the effort to add yet another dimension to the show.

It seems Sheen appears to be back on track after his brief period of “winning.”