B-List B-Day: John “Best in the World” Stamos


32BListJohn “Best in the World” Stamos
August 19, 1963

Actor and musician John Stamos, AKA Jesse Katsopolis on Full House,  is a Leo ruled by the sun and symbolized by the lion.

Stamos has bounced between roles since the cancellation of the sitcom in the 1990s going from Dr. Tony Gates on ER to Dr. Carl Howell on Glee.

And while it may seem like Uncle Jesse has faded into obscurity somewhat, don’t think he’s just hanging out in Danny Tanner’s attic.

No, Leos are daring and Stamos has stayed true to his adventurous sign—whether it be by utilizing his  lifetime pass to Disneyland every chance he gets or luring women with Greek yogurt.