Movie Review: Bachelorette


bachelorette e1346765772559BACHELORETTE

Radius-TWC Films

Rated R, 2 stars

Nearly unfolding as a stinging satire of Bridesmaids, and taken to even further nuptial downside extremes, Bachelorette might be said to be the top contender ‘unwedding’ movie of all in recent times. And from an irreverently crafted female chauvinist point of view unmercifully self-critical of the species, and as subversively unchick flick as can be.

Which is a rather unconventional sour entry these days into the normally bubbly genre. And seemingly stuck somewhere in the middle of all the family values and gay marriage advocacy bickering, as a dissenting when not venomous tart take on all things matrimonial. Even as the term Bachelorette, however tainted here, is a welcome replacement to bachelor’s traditional derogatory counterpart, spinster.

A stage to screen adaptation by playwright Leslye Headland, Bachelorette could be described as a thirtysomething post-grad Mean Girls arrested development revenge romp. As a cynical trio of tacky temptresses reconvenes years later for the wedding of high school plump pariah Becky (Rebel Wilson).

And where the thorny issue at hand is Becky rather innocently and inadvertently defying clique predictions that the most glamorous of the catty unholy trinity, Regan (Kirsten Dunst) would likely get hitched first, but certainly not the class ugly duckling. Who has in fact to their further dismay, landed a proverbial Prince Charming as she euphorically makes her way to the altar.

And with possible additional darkly laced fairy tale role reversal spite kicking in as well. Involving Regan, sloppy boozer Katie (Isla Fisher) and serial seductress with a sad secret Gena (Lizzy Caplan). All filling in for flirtier bombshell versions of those ghastly wicked stepsisters to Becky’s self-effacing, plus size Cinderella.

Though in the case of the no-holds-barred bad behavior bonding these fickle BFFs, let’s just say that the ironic one size too small metaphorical glass slipper of these fanatically body conscious carb police has been replaced with an object stubbornly inhabiting a calorie-friendly zone. Namely, that abundant wedding dress standing in as the uncooperative crime scene that just won’t quit.

And the verdict on Bachelorette: Guilty as charged, what else. While unleashed as a caustic Bridesmaids Plus tirade targeting that inherently giddy high. And doled out by writer/director Leslye Headland as belated get-even girl geek heaven in a movie.