The Run Down: Long Island’s Random Weekly To-Do List, Oct. 4 – 11

37RunDown AnimeGirl1. GOOGLE “REAL LIFE ANIME GIRL”: Anastasiya Shpagina, a 19-year-old Ukrainian girl, has transformed herself into a living Japanese anime character, big eyes and all. She now goes by the name Fukkacumi to represent her cartoon, doll-like look, but says, “I am not like a doll, a doll is like me.” It’s kind of creepy, yet kind of cool. And no, that picture isn’t Photoshopped.

2. READ FORBES’ “10 HIPPEST NEIGHBORHOODS IN AMERICA”: Hipsters, get excited because Forbes doesn’t just compile financial statistics. This week Forbes.com brings you a list of neighborhoods across America, from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to Silver Lake, Los Angeles where organic vegan eats, indie bands, fair trade coffee and bicycles rule the land.

37RunDown legos3. YOUTUBE “LEGO GREAT BALL CONTRAPTION”: …and be amazed. While we impress ourselves by making Lego trees and houses, some people are setting their sights a lot higher and throwing around terms like “modules” and making their Legos move. This thing kept us mesmerized for all seven minutes and four seconds.

4. DOWNLOAD THE “NMHMC HARVEY” APP: When Albert Einstein died in 1955, Princeton Hospital pathologist Thomas Harvey removed the genius’ brain, sliced it into more than 100 pieces, preserved them in formaldehyde and mounted them on slides. The slides have since been digitized and compiled into an app released last week. A little gross but, once again, kind of cool.

37RunDown Gaga5. LISTEN TO “CAKE LIKE LADY GAGA”: Responding to everything from criticism over her recent weight gain to feuds with fashionistas, Lady Gaga unveiled a new hip hop song during Mugler’s Spring/Summer 2013 runway show at Paris Fashion Week. In the song Gaga raps, “You chew beef, I wear meat” and “Getting fat and so is my bank/With a sold-out world tour, bitch.”

6. TIVO HOMELAND: Back in the day, Claire Danes was just an insecure red-head trying to hook up with Jared Leto on the short-lived series My So-Called Life. These days she plays bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison, who believes a U.S. Marine Corps hero is planning a terrorist attack, on Showtime’s Homeland. For those of you still mourning the loss of Jack Bauer, this may do the trick.

37ERunDown Gorillas7. WATCH “GORILLAS WHO WERE VERY CURIOUS ABOUT A CATERPILLAR”: Is it an alien? A furry worm? An evil beast!?! This YouTube video features two gorillas at Canada’s Calgary Zoo intensely watching a tiny little caterpillar as it invades their personal space—and it is hilarious.

8. FIND OUT WHAT YOUR BEER SAYS ABOUT YOUR POLITICS: Drink Sierra Nevada? You’re probably a Democrat  who votes. Amstel Light? Republican who never misses an election. Blue Moon? You could go either way but you’ll probably be showing up at the polls on Election Day. Bud Light? You’re too drunk to care. Find out where you stand on NationalJournal’s “What Your Beer Says About Your Politics chart.”

37RunDown PumpkinPicking9. LEARN IPHONE SECRETS: How to turn off autorotate, do a capital slide, beat caller ID, shake off your mistakes, take screenshots, send multiple pictures—and turn Siri into a man. These are just a handful of things you’ll be able to impress your friends with using the new “Tips for iPhone—Tricks & Secrets” app. And it’s free.

10. PICK PUMPKINS OVER COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND!:  It’s that time of year again, and while Long Island’s apple crop might have been small this year, there is no shortage of pumpkins. For a list of places to pick your own or buy them fresh off the shelf, visit LongIslandPress.com/PumpkinPicking.