The Rundown: Long Island’s Random Weekly To-Do List

Rundown PimpBike1. PIMP YOUR BICYCLE:  MonkeyLectric bike lights will turn your ride into a custom, moving work of art. Their original Monkey Lights (MonkeyLectric.com) are made up of full-color LEDs with visual effects designed by electronic artists and feature skulls, rainbows, hearts and other patterns as your wheel spins. And we thought bike mustaches were cool…

40Rundown Boo Rito2. HAVE A BOO-RITO: Sure, most people associate Halloween with treats like Snickers Bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups—but for those of you craving Mexican, it’s all about the Boo-Rito at Chipotle this year. This Halloween all Chipotle locations on Long Island are offering $2 Boo-Ritos for anyone who comes in costume, whether it’s as a vampire or Honey Boo Boo, from 4 p.m. to close. It’s a boo-tiful thing.

40RunDown Superman3. READ THE LATEST ISSUE OF SUPERMAN: In issue No. 13 in stores this week, Superman’s alter ego, newsman Clark Kent, has it out with the owner of the Daily Planet’s parent company, Galaxy Broadcasting and, in a totally punk rock move, quits the newspaper over being forced to write to entertain the public instead of covering real news. The move is an attempt by writer Scott Lobdell to address the current issues the newspaper industry faces like SEO vs. journalism, new media vs. print, etc.

4. GO TO BELMONT FARMER’S MARKET: We’re coming close to the end of the fall festival season, so if you haven’t made your way to a harvest celebration yet, or even if you have, Belmont Racetrack is the place to be this weekend (Saturday, Oct. 27 and Sunday, Oct. 28). Aside from seasonal fruits and vegetables, the Belmont Farmer’s Market hosts pumpkin carving and a beer garden.

40RunDown J.R.Martinez5. MEET J.R. MARTINEZ: Veteran, actor, Dancing With the Stars champion and author J.R. Martinez will speak and sign his memoir, Full of Heart: My Story of Survival, Strength and Spirit on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at Book Revue in Huntington. In 2003, 19-year-old Private Martinez was on a routine patrol when the Humvee he was driving hit an antitank mine in Iraq, resulting in severe injuries and burns on his face and more than one-third of his body. Martinez shares his story from his time in the Army to his recovery and the indomitable spirit that has made him an inspiration to countless fans.

40RunDown ElectionCupcakes6. GET ELECTION CUPCAKES: With only a few weeks till Election Day, Fairway is giving shoppers a chance to vote early—with their stomachs. Cupcakes in blue and red, featuring donkeys and elephants and other election-related images, will be on sale at all Fairway Markets. Tallies will be taken on Monday, Nov. 5, to determine the winner. Why cupcakes? “With all the bitterness emanating from the campaign,” says Herb Ruetsch, Fairway CEO, “Fairway Market is eager to put some sweetness in the battle for the White House.” We’ll raise our cupcakes to that!

40RunDown SpinCam7. DOWNLOAD SPINCAM: For those of you with an iPhone 4, jealous of those smug iPhone 4s and 5 owners and their panoramic cameras, pine no more! Spin in place, or walk around in a circle, and SpinCam automatically creates an interactive spin for you to share via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, or web link using a gyroscope to work its magic.

40RunDown Necrofusion8. LISTEN TO NECROFUSION: In this spooky project by Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator and host of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Zak and his crew go to some of the most haunted places on the planet, spending a night locked in the locale contacting spirits, and they record everything. Zak has been able to record the “voices” of these spirits and teamed up with The Lords of Acid’s founder Praga Khan to morph them into a post-industrial rock album, just in time for Halloween.

40RunDown Halloween9.  ENTER G FUEL VIDEO GAME SWEEPSTAKES: The G Fuel video game contest Mission: Gunship, which was originally supposed to end this week but is now extended through Wednesday, Oct. 31, gives three lucky winners a chance to drop the controller and get in the game, with an all-expenses-paid trip to Texas to train with a team of U.S. Special Operations veterans and fire a mounted mini gun from a helicopter at land-based targets. Visit GammaGamers.com/Mission-Gunship for entry details.

10. HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Check out LI’s Halloween Headquarters at LongIslandPress.com/Halloween2012 for haunted houses, spooky walks, Halloween events, costume trends, haunted corn mazes, the best in Halloween movies, pumpkin picking, hayrides and more!