B-List B-Day: Joey “I Can Give You More” McIntyre

Dec. 31, 1972

Joey McIntyre, the youngest member of boy band New Kids on the Block, is a Capricorn.

Back in the ’80s, his face and glossed lips adorned pins, posters and nearly every cover of Tiger Beat. Hard workers and people pleasers that they are, Capricorns like to take things “Step by Step.”

But unfortunately, the rungs of McIntyre’s ladder to success were put in reverse, and he could never achieve that coveted Step Four.

The youngest NKOTB member went on to perform a stint on Broadway, polish his nails, and appear on the first season of Dancing with the Stars, before reuniting with not only his own band, but with the Backstreet Boys, to form the disastrous NKOTBSB, as Justin Bieber, beholding his own future, looked on in horror.