Danielle Taylor: President & Owner, Bish Bash Books

Danielle Taylor - Bish Bash Books
Danielle Taylor of Oyster Bay brings the best of both worlds together:
Traditional paper books and quality eBooks published by her company Bish Bash Books.

Danielle Taylor, a mother of two from Oyster Bay, wanted to instill her love of reading into her sons Andrew and Christian, now ages 4 and 3. She began reading to the boys when they were very young and found that sitting quietly and enjoying a book was a wonderful way to connect with them.

Danielle, who has a background in software development, had worked for a global investment bank creating software solutions but decided she wanted to use her skills in a more altruistic profession.

“I wanted to do something heartfelt,” Danielle says. “Something that I believed in.”

For Danielle, reading eBooks to her children became an interactive experience that was fun and exciting. She was intrigued with the confluence of technology, education, literature and art, and began to explore the business side of publishing.

The world of children’s book publishing is growing larger by the minute as more small companies and entrepreneurs vie for a share of the market. For Danielle, publishing quality children’s books was a profession she believed in.

She launched Bish Bash Books in January 2012, offering original reading material that is written to engage, educate and entertain children in a variety of formats including eBooks, classic paper books, storybook apps and podcasts.

Millions of parents eager to introduce their children to reading at an early age are furiously gobbling up this new technology, resulting in skyrocketing sales of eBooks. According to Digital Book World, an online eBook community, an estimated 65 percent of American children will have access to an eReader by the end of 2013.

Some books from our childhood still hold a special place in our hearts. Many of us can even recall the scent that wafted from the pages of a favorite book along with memories of a family member reading a story aloud or the hours spent totally immersed in a story, escaping from the cares of the world.

Today, eBooks can almost make a story magically come to life. Danielle says there’s a need for both traditional and digital formats and has plans to produce paper books from her original eBooks and vice versa.

Bish Bash Books logoLast September Bish Bash Books published its first eBook through iTunes, and next plans to distribute its titles through Amazon and Google.

Even though Bish Bash Books is small, it can still compete with publishing giants like Simon and Schuster and Random House.

“New technology levels the playing field,” Danielle explains. “With eBooks you develop the book once and distribute it over and over.”

Because today’s global market is as accessible as the local Barnes and Noble, a best-selling eBook is a distinct possibility.

Recently Bish Bash Books announced a give-back program to benefit the local community and help promote children’s literacy.

“When we sell 50,000 eBooks, we will donate a set of iPads to a local school,” Danielle says.

Her company’s goal is to publish 20 eBooks per quarter which will contain all original characters, stories, illustrations and music. Danielle is very cognizant of the quality of the material that is published so she can ensure that the reading experience is educational and not like a video game.

“Right now we have six books published, so that’s really exciting,” she says.

“I want children to get hooked on the simple pleasure of reading,” Danielle says. “We want to encourage and help children learn to read in a fun way.”

In the near future Danielle has plans to begin publishing non-fiction eBooks on topics like the weather, constellations, water and dinosaurs.

“I’d like to focus on young adventurous readers,” says Danielle.

Reading is critical to a child’s success in school and in life, so Danielle wants to make it fun and educational.

“Reading, music, and art—all of these are what keep me going,” she continues.

“It’s all of our responsibility to expose children to everything we can.”

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