Hillary Clinton Back at Work

Hillary Clinton Helmet
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton receives football helmet on her first day back in the office. (State Department photo by Nick Merrill)

Now let’s see if she’ll spike the ball on her way out.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly received a rousing ovation Monday when she returned to work after a series of ailments that ultimately landed the former First Lady in the hospital.

But the most poignant moment seemed to come when Clinton’s staff presented her with a white football helmet during a light-hearted moment following significant health issues that kept her from working.

The moment was captured by a photographer and posted on the state department’s Flickr account. Another photo shows Clinton smiling as she displays a blue football jersey that was also presented as a gift. The No. 112 on the jersey represented the number of countries Clinton visited during her tenure, The Associated Press reported.

Clinton, the country’s most traveled secretary of state in history, collapsed and suffered a concussion while battling a virus. She was reportedly suffering from dehydration.

When she went back for a follow up, doctors discovered a dangerous blood clot located between her brain and her skull. Clinton was released last week after three days in New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia.

Her ailment prevented Clinton from testifying during a congressional hearing about lax security measures during the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans on Sept. 11, 2012.

On Monday, the state department announced that Clinton plans to testify about the security failures at a later date.

Clinton’s tenure as the country’s top diplomat will soon come to an end. Clinton has said she’s looking to relinquish her post this year. President Barack Obama has nominated Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) as her successor. A confirmation hearing date has yet to be announced.