One of These Kids Is About To Do Something Amazing (Video)

Amazing basketball videoFor today’s entry in the “One of these two young basketball players will do something amazing” category, we submit to you this, a video wherein one of these two young basketball players will do something amazing.

DISCLAIMER: You know how, like, a newspaper is supposed to like, fact check things, and like, make sure things really happened? Yeah, we didn’t do that here. We’re assuming it’s real.

Stay tuned to the little spot on the homepage of www.LongIslandPress.com above the usually-depressing “real” news for the daily dose of stuff that we come across and share with you, occasionally without fact checking it, that you’ll abso-freaking-lutely (usually) love.

For now, let’s play a game of:

Guess which one of these kids is about to do something amazing.

Then, watch the video and compare the result to your original thought. After that:

a) feel smug


b) feel stupid

Either way, it’s a quick, fun watch, and we all need those, don’t we?

(The answer is yes.)

(Why are you still reading this? Click play already!)