Long Island Weather Forecast Calls for Snow Monday

Long Islanders can expect some wintry weather in the near future, with snow showers late Monday accompanied by low temperatures that will linger for the remainder of the week.

The snow is expected to start late Monday afternoon into Monday night, but accumulation should be minimal, according to National Weather Service meteorologist David Stark.

“Precipitation shouldn’t be too heavy overall, but we are expecting a band of snow to move in later this evening that could be briefly heavy at times,” he said. Stark added that temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing, which will allow whatever snow does fall to stick.

Stark said that Nassau County can expect a half to one inch accumulation, while western portions of Suffolk County could see an inch to an inch-and-a-half of snow. Eastern Suffolk is expected to see the most with two inches or more predicted in some parts.

On Tuesday, Long Islanders can expect temperatures in the low 20s, and by Wednesday morning temperatures will be in the low teens. Stark said that the wind chill factor could make some areas near or below zero degrees. The trend will follow into Thursday.

Friday may warm up to the low to mid 30s, but with the higher temperatures comes a chance of precipitation. Whether it will come down as snow or a snowy rain is still uncertain at this point.