Suffolk Cops Save Heroin Overdose Victim in Kings Park

Suffolk County police officers saved a man who was found passed out in his vehicle Thursday in Kings Park after overdosing on heroin, police said.

The man was resuscitated after a Fourth Precinct officer discovered the unconscious man in the driver’s seat of a car with the engine running while responding to an unrelated incident at Kings Plaza, police said.

The officer unsuccessfully tried to wake the man up after spotting a hypodermic needle on his lap, police said.

Three other officers responded and that’s when they administered a dose of intranasal Narcan—a prescription drug used to reverse opiate overdoses—and performed CPR, police said. Another dose of the drug was administered before the 21-year-old man was transported to St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown where he was revived by a third dose of the drug, police said.

The drug has been used successfully 35 times since July 2012, police said.

The police department recently announced that they are expanding the New York State Department of Health Program to all of its precincts. The program was first rolled out at the Marine Bureau and Fourth, Sixth and Seventh precincts.

More than 800 members of the police department have been trained in the program. The drug can only be administered by a certified emergency medical technician.