An Awesome Video About Something Wonderful and Hey, Who’s Cutting Onions!?!


Basketball video

I hope you know by now that what you are reading is part of a column we here like to call “The Buzz.

I hope you know by now that if you come to the front of LongIslandPress.com every day (or, realistically, like, every day and a half, cuz sometimes I’m lazy), you’ll find an item that will (more often than not) thoroughly entertain you.

Sometimes it’s silly, stupid internetty stuff. Like the Harlem Shake or stupid supermarket pranks. Stuff you roll your eyes about.

The better ones, bad lip-readinghuman-sounding screaming goats, the guy who freaked out about the snow, made you LOL.

The other day, I introduced you to a Facebook page of a New York City street photographer. It probably made you feel a bit reflective.

Yesterday, I gave you Lightsaber porn. I know it made many of you smile.

Ahhh the power! The ability to control people’s emotion on such a wide-spread manner. The holy grail of many a Batman villain!

“If only we can get all of Gotham City to laugh uncontrollably for hours, we’ll be able to rob all the banks! Let’s add this chemical to the water suppl— What?! It’s Batman! How on earth did you find our secret-fortified-remote-out-of-the-way hidden lair?!?”




Knowing that with the choices I have made, the things that I have delivered unto you, and the words I have written, I have been able to make you roll-your-eyes or smile, reflect or laugh…

Today, I will make you cry.

Or at least tear up.

Unless you’ve seen this already. If you did, quiet, don’t ruin it. Come back tomorrow.

But the rest of you, watch out!

Unless you’re not the type to cry…

But those that are, oh boy!

Now leave me alone and go watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naRCfl8oCos

(Special thanks to Jon Sasala who was watching this when I walked in, saving me the trouble of having to go looking for something awesome for today’s “Buzz.” #score #toldyouIwaslazy)

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