Six Things That Will Blow Your Mind (Or At Least Entertain You Briefly)


Prepare to have your mind BLOWN!

Though actually, that saying is kind of stupid. I can see “Prepare to have your mind BLOWN UP!” or “Prepare to have your mind BLOWN OPEN!!” but just blown, doesn’t really, truly inspire awe.

Leaves get blown. Snow gets blown. Big deal.

Anyway, that being said, prepare to have your mind BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS!

Curious though. Where is Smithereens? Sounds like a quaint place in Ireland maybe.

“Top o’ the marnin’ to ya, where ya be goin’?

“Ah, ’tis a fine marnin’ indeed! Why, I be off ta Smithereens for some tasty lemon curd!”

 “Dat’s greeeeat!”

“Now ya soundin’ Jamaican, mon. Cyan’t ya keep ya aksents streeyt?”

“Ah, shuttapa you face!”

Anyway, here’s the deal. I got some stuff to do for the next few days, but I don’t want you missing out on the delicious mental goodness of The Buzz.

I mean, your life is already pretty lame, I’d hate to take away what is undoubtedly one of the bright spots of your existance.

So, because I’m so kind and considerate, clearly, here are six things that will BLOW YOUR MIND TO SMITHEREENS IN IRELAND FOR LEMON CURD!!!

You can view one per day, or just get your fill all at once. Like Hanukkah or whatever. But either way, I demand that you enjoy and share this or when I come back, you will be so grounded!

This type of sorcery is for the birds.

It’s like Glee, if Glee was full of wolves.

DRONES ARE BAD! (Well, except maybe this one).

This is borderline demonic. LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES!

More magic. Because it’s easy and awesome.

Never give up.