Watch This Inspirational Video, And Together, Let’s Predict The Future


I don’t know if this is part of some bigger campaign, because I don’t really follow many campaigns that say, “Send us a touching video about why you want something, and we’ll do it.” So, this video may just be because someone (or a couple of someones) had a good idea to do what so many people set out to do but fail.

Make a video go viral.

Not only that, but if it actually succeeds, it will not only have gone viral, but it will have accomplished something pretty amazing, but someone who, by all accounts, seems like a pretty amazing guy.

So, watch because it’s inspiring.

Watch because it’s worth sharing.

And watch, because I suspect this guy may very well get his wish. Which would be pretty amazing.

And then we can say, together, “Hey, remember that thing on that site that that guy wrote that I agreed with? We were right!”

(Well, I’ll have been right. You’ll just be a follower. But in this case, that’s cool too.)