Here’s How To… Er.. I Mean.. Here’s How Easy It Is To Steal Your Identity. Gee, Thanks Fayzbuuk



Unlike the weird Pig Latin or whatever this freaky guy is speaking in, the message in this video is real.

It’s about a fake identity… Well, so OK, it’s real about fake stuff. Or about people faking to be real. Or being really fake.

Anyway, so luckily there are words to go along with it.

It teaches you… Well, I shouldn’t say “teaches.” … It WARNS you (and by warns, I mean teaches and holy crap scares you about) how easily someone’s identity can be stolen, just by downloading that app from Samsung that let you get Jay-Z’s album for free.

Wait. No.

But close. Either way, Tom got PWNED. (Which, old people, does not mean pawned).

Just watch it. And be afraid. Be very afraid. Even if the Pig Latin sounds silly. #mylaugh