Muppet All Night To Get Lucky

Daft Punk - Sesame Street - Get Lucky

Daft Punk - Sesame Street - Get Lucky

Normally, when people send us their “viral YouTube SENSATION!!!,” the quality of said sensations are inversely proportional to the excitement, colorful language and amount of exclamation points in the pitch.

In this case, though it was written with a bit less hyperbole than most, we didn’t expect much different. However, Mylo the Cat, who is both a Long Islander and, seemingly, a cat, and his(?) Sesame Street-inspired video re-mix of Daft Punk’s bubbling hit “Get Lucky,” is not bad t’all.

Yes. It’s adorable. It’s also not the newest concept in the book, as these sorts of muppet-mashups have been done for a while, but since Mylo’s one of us, and again, these kinds of things typically suck and this one didn’t, I thought it worthy enough to share.

I’ve also taken the liberty of sharing other notable muppet collaborations. The last one, which is the first I can recall ever seeing, simply takes the furry-cake, though you’ll want to know ahead of time it is NSFW due to naughty rappity rap words.

(But if you’re at home, blast that s#*t homie!)

Anyway, enjoy. And since it’s Friday, I hope you’re all up all night and get lucky.

Unless you’re like a nun or something. Cuz that would ruin everything you’ve worked for.