Climate Change: The Absolute Truth Revealed (Video)

Climate Change

For decades, the climate change controversy has dominated scientific, political, religious and kindergarten class discussion, as those who believe that man-made activities have almost-irreparably affected global atmospheric conditions battle those who think that instead, it’s because Inspector Gadget has yet to topple Dr. Claw’s weather machine.

Because let’s face it, those are the only two possibilities.

Despite, like, science and stuff, there are those who still believe the Dr. Claw theory. Many of them, somehow were able to rise to a position of relative power in our country. Politicians for example.

They will be very interested in this proposal to change the naming convention which has been in use by the World Meteorological Organization since the 1950s to name violent storms and extreme weather events.

ClimateNameChange.org believes that this naming convention might be better suited to help pay homage to those who believe in the Dr. Claw theory.

Oh, and the title of this post, “Climate Change: The Absolute Truth Revealed”? That was a lie. Ha! Gotcha. It’s the internet. I can say whatever I want to.

But while you’re here, check out the proposed naming convention. And don’t worry, Dr. Clawians. He’ll get Gadget next time.

Next time.